Is China threatening Hong Kong's freedoms? | DW English

Is China threatening Hong Kong's freedoms? | DW English

Pro-democracy activists say China is trying to silence dissent in Hong Kong. DW’s Conflict Zone asks Horace Cheung, vice-chairman of the largest pro-Beijing party in the territory, whether he is willing to allow China to curtail rights.

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Is China threatening Hong Kong's freedoms? | DW English

13 thoughts on “Is China threatening Hong Kong's freedoms? | DW English

  1. Main land china has the most ugly feature ppl all out of Asia and bullied other smaller beautiful ppl country. America plz put all the chinese thiefs in Check.

  2. My mother was born in Hong Kong. Both she and I are proud of being Hong Konger , not Chineese. Many people in Hong Kong , too. It is argued the Hong Kong's best value is Freedom and common law , which make the city differ from other Chineese cities , such as Shanghai , and being trusted by the rest of the world.

  3. correction , you don't know the Chinese Language and Culture , so you are not qualified to make so many adverse comments on China and Hong Kong.

  4. You don't know the Chinese Language and Culture, and you are not qualify to make so many adverse comments on CHINA

  5. What do you know about human right. Poor people have no human right. in the past 20 years, China has alleviated 800 million people out of the poverty line. Currently, there is an exhibition by the UNITED NATION, AND asked other western nations to follow suit. There are so many poop people in the WEST, and they have no human right and value. You don't know what is human right.

  6. correction. independence is not allowed. The host always interrupt the interviewee to talk.

  7. Independence of Hong Kong is sedition under the law,H a challenge to an established authority. Don't you know that? HONG KONG is part of China, of course independence is now allowed.

  8. Glad to see most of the comments below do not support the interference of the West to impose their ideology , democracy, to Hong Kong and China. Have a look at the democratic governments imposed by the West in the past would give you some idea that this form of government is not successful in Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Democracy is a not a panacea for administration in all nations in the world. The current Chinese Socialist Government and the Psuedal Democratic Government of Singapore are very efficient and effective governments. Paul Keating, the former Australian Prime Minister, is of the opinion that the current Chinese Government is the best government in the world in the past 30 years.There is more freedom in Hong Kong nowadays than the former British Colonial Authoritarian Government. i remember a student in St. Paul Secondary School who circulated a paper on an issue to get rid of the Colonial Government in Hong Kong was sentenced to 2 years in prison under the sedition law at that time. This student was later appointed as a Minister in the Hong Kong SAR Government. Any sedation movement in Hong Kong would bring about the same chaotic situation as that experienced in the Middle EAST. To put it in a nutshell, the West should not interfere the domestic issues of other nations, particularly Hong Kong and China. The host should have a polite manner to ask questions, because the interviewee is a guest. Have a good day.

  9. China is a very weak country, their government is so corrupted and fragile that it could collapse at any time, more than 100 billionares are Chinese officials, fake economy and Chinese products, how long are they gonna last?, all they know is how to bluff, they are so scared of the word independence that Chinese government piss their pants.

  10. Were brits threatening Hong Kong's freedoms for centuries??–ask the correct question, then you can find a better answer.

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