EU reaction to UK rejecting No-deal Brexit

EU reaction to UK rejecting No-deal Brexit

“We will grant you one month, not more than one month.” | EuronewsTonight

Shona Murray interviewed MEP Philippe Lamberts to get the EU’s reaction on UK MPs voting ‘NO’ to No-deal Brexit.
EU reaction to UK rejecting No-deal Brexit

14 thoughts on “EU reaction to UK rejecting No-deal Brexit

  1. Impressive how the UK knows exactly what it doesn´t want. How about summing it all up and look what remains to declare this as goals? Ah right sorry, my bad, there is nothing left after all.

  2. Brexit was signed into law by the Queen. It's part of British law now. To try to undermine it is to break the law. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Get on with it already.

  3. We have told our politicians very clearly we want out of the eu.. We never voted for a deal we voted to leave..Our politicians are going to see our anger on the streets and at the next general election.

  4. Apparently we have another 4 years of our government wanting us to stay. Common sense told me at the beginning having a spineless corrupt government no matter what the people want, the government had already made its mind up

  5. Brits WANT No Deal Brexit, but they been betrayed by own Government!!! Please help them out and dont agree for any extension! Its Globalists doing that! All be aware.

  6. Every body that voted to leave should go take all there savings out banks bring these fuckers down currupt bastards

  7. Tell them to vote again it will change believe me 4 votes is nothing leave uk do whot the people voted for ok

  8. Sie sind auf Großbritannien nicht freiwillig der EU beigetreten … Der damalige PM wurde durch seine persönlichen Angelegenheiten kompromittiert. Die gegen die Nation eingesetzt wurden

  9. Die Öffentlichkeit stimmte Abschied … Das Parlament wurde gewählt, um es Ihnen zu liefern. Mittel verlassen

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