22 Things to do In Warsaw, Poland – The Ultimate Travel Guide

22 Things to do In Warsaw, Poland – The Ultimate Travel Guide

If you are traveling to Warsaw in Poland then this is the list for you. We show you heaps of things to do while you are on holiday here.
As the capital of Poland, Warsaw is a large city with so much to offer. From delicious food to wonderful attractions there is so many places to see while on vacation.
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22 Things to do In Warsaw, Poland - The Ultimate Travel Guide

20 thoughts on “22 Things to do In Warsaw, Poland – The Ultimate Travel Guide

  1. Your video is amazing, I love Warsaw, for me my favorite places are Łazienki park, Stare miasto, Wilanów palace, and a little bit out the city Serock lake so quite just a few minutes from Warsaw…..kocham Warszawa i Polska ❤️

  2. Hi Guys , Hala Koszyki looks like a great place to find some good food and drinks , with plenty of people and activity , definitely a fav , looks like fun !

  3. Another great video about Poland. I really enjoy watching your videos, makes me feel like I'm on the trip myself 🙂
    and btw, you've managed to capture Sandra Kubicka ( https://www.instagram.com/sandrakubicka/ ) in the background, wearing black baseball cap 2:51 😀 She is a very positive and a great person 🙂
    Take good care of yourself over there and have a fun and more enjoyable trips!

  4. ~Ohhhh… ; E-V-E-R-Y-THING about Warszawa looks – and, seems – SO cool, really: such a great place to go…and, to BE!!! Dzienkuja bardzo ({; D …! <3 / <3

  5. Rachel & Nick : a lot of projects are on the way in Warsaw, and many of them just amazing : Elektrownia Powisle (will soon be completed); Browary Warszawskie (next year), Bohema (next year), Art Norblin (next year); all old buildings which are currently restored, have a look in the net, you won't believe it ! new skyscrapers (quite a lot; the most spectacular, Varso tower, with a terrace on the top (230 m); Port Praski (on the way, will last still a couple of years) by the way you didn't speak about Praski Koneser, haven't you been there ?……so come like in 2 years, and you'll just be stunned :-)…anyway, I share your love for Warsaw believe me !

  6. I really liked your series about Poland:-) I hope you will be back one-day. I am Polish and have been living in the UK most of my life, I miss my country more and more, the food, colourfull buildings and the summer:) thanks for videos like that. I like Australia, too. Last year I was in Melbourne and Sydney, fell in love with Melbourne City, China Town there – food is great and of course your coffee is great!!!

  7. I also find very interesting visiting Praga district little rough but funky with lots cool coffee shops also love the Warsaw uprising museum really well done

  8. Visiting Łazienki Park you should absolutely see the original XVIII-century Royal Theatre in the Old Orangery.

  9. The 'liitle houses" on the top of the Market Square tenement houses were constructed to provide lighting for their staircases

  10. Hi Rachel and Nick. I am Polish living in Uk and when I came here I realised that Poland has such a bad opinion around the people from Uk, Western Europe, US, Australia (I was really surprised, because I think that my country is amazing and has intersting history). It is also because of anti-polish propaganda made by some people that don't like us. After years I noticed that people are changing their view of Poland, because they knew some Polish people or visited Poland. People like you are changing what others think about Poland, because you are real. Thank you.

  11. Video great as always, but I want to put attention to the thumbnail – no matter how much pictures of Warszawa I will see, this one is one of my new favourites, well done!

  12. Hala kuziki reminds me a lot like an awesome food hall there is in Lisbon.. by the way Lisbon is an awesome city too! I also find that Japanese food in Europe is quite niche and expensive! Warsaw looks like an epic city I should visit! being European – for now (Brexit) lol your video series reminds me of how much there is at my door step! 🙂

  13. The fountains are empty because it looks like you were there in late Fall. They drain the water before it freezes to prevent damage to the fountains.

  14. Rachel and Nick, I just love your narratives. They are a combination of good information, good spirit, accessibility, and great observations. You are both so photogenic. You can see you are serious about your work, and committed to your viewers. I am following you everywhere. Rachel, I love your down to earth, free spirit. And Nick, I applaud your desire to be so informative. You are playful like a young kid! Fantastic work, guys!

  15. It's our last Poland video! So we thought we'd help fellow travellers by making a compilation of the things we did while in Warsaw. Let us know below what's your favourite place in Warsaw? 🙂

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