McKenna’s climate expedition to Poland cost taxpayers $400K (so far) | Sheila Gunn Reid

McKenna’s climate expedition to Poland cost taxpayers 0K (so far) | Sheila Gunn Reid Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel.Media reports: Today I’m taking a break from the cheap vitriol and character assassination of the Alberta election and seeking comfort in my muse, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. Thanks to an order paper question from rookie Calgary MP Tom Kmiec, we now have a better idea of just how much money the Liberals, under the leadership of McKenna, blew on themselves and their friends at the UN Climate Conference in Katowice, Poland last December.

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McKenna’s climate expedition to Poland cost taxpayers 0K (so far) | Sheila Gunn Reid

20 thoughts on “McKenna’s climate expedition to Poland cost taxpayers $400K (so far) | Sheila Gunn Reid

  1. The entire Liberal Party is an utter waste of TIME and MONEY!!!! I sure hope when they get ousted from office, Canadians can sue the crap out of them!!!!!

  2. Ironic, France, where they dreamed up the Paris accord on climate change, is now burning up in a revolution. Can’t wait for Climate Bimbo to go up in smoke soon?

  3. Great pronounciation of Katowice, nice to see some effort was made to check it. 🙂

  4. It's ok my fellow Canadians our carbon tax dollars will pay for this as it's pushed down our throats can't wait for October

  5. Those clowns must go. His only achievement is carbon tax . It is a LICENCE to pollute for their billionaires who will have 90% credit not you !!!!!

  6. Trash liberals…absolute Scum. THEIR twisted ideology is explained clearly in the book Animal Farm…" We are all equal…but some are more equal than others ".

  7. Considering the last climate conference that was attended by the Conservative government before Trudeau was elected sent 35 delegates in total. Those delegates TOTAL costs would have been UNDER the total of $200,000 for lodgings alone from this conference. But wait McKenna has taken over 235 delegates to the Morocco conference and 215 delegates to the Lima conference and 225 delegates to the Paris conference plus a photographer from Ottawa to document her greatness. So if that is the case then McKenna alone has wasted over 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS of our tax money attending these conferences since she was elected. Please VOTE in October.

  8. I would expect the CPC would change the name of this position back to Minister of Environment … period.

  9. Who are the 7 shitheads who thumbed down this news from Sheila? We know you are diehard, despicable LIBTARDS! – so change your ways & become part of rational humanity!!!

  10. $400K for a trip to Poland… that’s one expensive cup of orange juice!

    I hate the federal government in this country!

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