Tusk sets condition for EU approving Brexit extension

Tusk sets condition for EU approving Brexit extension

European Council President Donald Tusk says any extension to Article 50 will be ‘conditional’.

He added: “Even if the hope for a final success may seem frail, even illusory, and all the Brexit fatigue is increasingly visible and justified, we cannot give up seeking until the very last moment a positive solution.”

It comes as Prime Minister Theresa May asked in a letter to the EU, to delay Brexit to 30 June.

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Tusk sets condition for EU approving Brexit extension

16 thoughts on “Tusk sets condition for EU approving Brexit extension

  1. No deal is Brexit. Out of Sm Cu ecj and free movement. No backstop save the money best idea all round
    There will be no extension as Mays remain with less has been rejected in a historically large failure

    No deal brilliant ??

  2. I don't agree with the extension but you'd image that the E.U. would grant a short extension in good faith after all isn't that what the backstop is based on?

  3. The ultimate humiliation, this little Polish nobody telling the UK what it can and can't do in order to get Mays abysmal BRINO arrangement over the line. We dont want an extension, we want to LEAVE…..How many times..?

  4. This is to get out mps to back Mays/Merkels deal…it's all stages to keep us trapped in their club

  5. UK once ruled the Whole world but cannot rule it's own country and needs to be ruled by unelected MAFIA bureaucrats of EU. Shame on the British government to have become subservient and Vassal state of Evil EMPIRE i.e. European union

  6. Simple solution for the Brexit Mess. Send the British Army and Arrest all the European union Leaders and Take over the Administration of the MAFIA EUROPEAN UNION.

  7. Positive vote in parliament next week, its failed TWICE ALREADY! If it fails again then what?
    Are we leaving or Remaining come 29th March ?

  8. Mays Deal voted down twice and I thought Bercow said a third Mays Deal vote would not be allowed ??? WTF is going on … JUST LEAVE NOW NO DEAL !!!!!!!

  9. So the EU will grant an extension, but only via blackmailing us into accepting an inferior deal to what we currently have by staying in the eu? Who in their right mind would agree to something so ludicrous. That's one of the reasons why we need to leave and leave fully. NO DEAL!

  10. Well, May's speech from No 10 on the 20th proves she is Hitler reincarnated. Lets face it 'It is my way or nothing' fits the bill for a supreme dictator. Then all those approvals to sell arms to Saudi to murder tens of thousands in Yemen and destroy their homes, businesses and infrastructure. Still her husband earns loads of money since he is involved with the company selling the armaments. Did she then have a conscience? She did send millions of tax payers money to help a few of the people in Yemen who were not killed by UK armaments.

    Then there is the UK government who took us into the Iraq war and started the Arab Spring which caused millions of dispossessed fellow humans from the middle east to come to Europe since our intervention destroyed their countries. May is still spending our tax payers money paying for war games around Russia and in the China seas. But that is what dictators do! The MP's in government need to get a doctorate for the positions they hold as they are totally incompetent and let our 'leaders/dictators' do what ever they want.
    Another wasted trip to the EU dictators. They have said it is possible for us to get an extension to article 50, but already a number of countries will veto this and in any event if it is subject to UK parliament approving HER deal, gosh, just seen 1 million pigs fly by my window.

    The other problem we face is the fact most of the MP's are totally incompetent and let our leaders/dictators do what ever they want so may should face charges for war crimes. Have any MP's got a conscience and a backbone?

    Is May a robot that has only been programmed to promote HER deal? Or is she working for the unelected German mafia who want us to stay in the EU so they can control us for ever, destroy our country and bleed us dry to prop up the failing EU experiment?

    We should leave under our terms, not those of the EU dictators. The fact that they have offered such a controlling set of terms, just confirms that the main reason for leaving – the overbearing dictatorship on the terms of our membership – would remain under the current terms on offer. Leave with NO DEAL NOW! We should have done this the day after the referendum result since all this uncertainty has already done so much damage to the UK!

    Close the House of Commons. Let the House of Lords run the country. I would not vote for the CONservatives or the Labour Party for any sum of money!

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