How lost sisters survived in woodland – BBC News

How lost sisters survived in woodland – BBC News

California sisters Leia Carrico, eight, and Caroline, five, got lost after wandering away from home to explore the woodland.
Their youth club wilderness training helped them to survive for 44 hours.

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How lost sisters survived in woodland - BBC News

19 thoughts on “How lost sisters survived in woodland – BBC News

  1. Can somebody please tell me what the girl says at the beginning? "It was starting to ______
    English is not my first language and I am trying to improve my listening 🙂 I would really appreciate it

  2. The BBC = jimmy saviles supporters club.
    They were in on it, shame on the bbc and all the others that looked away and said nothing while children were being raped.

  3. bbc trying to undo the damage & corruption they've been pantsed for.
    More propaganda, using children as props.

  4. Something is not right. This reminds me of the big hoax some parents did about telling police that their son was inside a weather balloon. And he was in the attic the whole time. Does anyone remember? And they caught them in a lie because the kid told the truth. … anyways. The young girls body language to the right tells it all. She is uncomfortable lying. And the older sister is just too excited to tell the story which should’ve been a nightmare. And how many cereal bars did they pack??!?

  5. Just a wild guess but maybe girls are still lost in woods and these two are old witches in girl form. These days, you just never know.

  6. Hundreds of children have been taken from Canada and given to the Royal family over the years to be used in Human sacrifice, this is well documented in Canadian History and had usually been native children.

  7. Wow!! Bravo to these incredible little girls! I am blown away and so very proud of both of them for being so brave and intelligent! What proud parents they must have! God bless your family!

  8. Why are we celebrating irresponsible parenting and kids endangering their lives despite of knowing about the warning signs?

  9. While BBC fake news talks about world record NAKED roller coaster ride, real journalist Tommy Robinson travels to Israel to report on the truth about palestine

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