Hundreds still missing in California's Camp Fire

Hundreds still missing in California's Camp Fire

President Trump is set to visit Northern California on Saturday to speak with victims and First Responders of the deadly wildfires. CBS News’ DeMarco Morgan reports from Chico, California, on the search and rescue efforts.
Hundreds still missing in California's Camp Fire

14 thoughts on “Hundreds still missing in California's Camp Fire

  1. How come no one is talking about all the children who died burned up in the school bus on there way to school

  2. California, Phoenix Arizona, Montana, Canada and all over the world you have felt the heat of MY wrath one way or another. Why do you not put your Creator and Savior first in your life and love? Why do you love your homes more than the Creator that gave you your homes land wealth and possessions? Do you not realize how not only did the fires come but how many lives I spared because of MY mercy and love? This is only a sample of what is to come before the Great Tribulation. Get your priorities straight now before it is too late. (Deut 9:3)

  3. You will ask why california ya because of californiaya every years happen fire, so it doesn't look strange but if you look pass and now this fire very strange

  4. where are the firemen that say that this fire is not natural? why no interviews with them. that's right the truth will set the sheeple free

  5. What bothers me is how these news people keep on reporting that people may have fled the fire and in their haste either weren't able to grab their cell phones or misplaced their cell phones and therefore were not able to contact loved ones to let them know that they escaped and are safe. There's a big fundamental problem with that. Paradise is a close knit community. When these people were able to escape, where exactly did they go to? Did they run all the way to San Diego on foot? I don't believe that that's what happened. I have a feeling that the government is not telling us something about the dead. I have a feeling that the number is far higher than anything we are prepared to know about.

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