News | California Senator pet peeve is slow Trucks 不不

News | California Senator pet peeve is slow Trucks 不不

a California Senator is passing the bill to get Autobahn style Lanes put on the 5 in the 99 because his pet peeve is slow semi trucks.

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News | California Senator pet peeve is slow Trucks 不不

20 thoughts on “News | California Senator pet peeve is slow Trucks 不不

  1. Get rid of the 55 mph and the problem will be solved, stupid Democrats will never get their heads out of their asses

  2. Put that money somewhere thats its more in need … Easiest and cheapest solution is raising speed limit for trucks …

  3. Frankly, your driver training and licensing is not rigorous enough to support unlimited speed motorways. Germany requires 25 hours of practical tuition and 12 hours of theory. This costs around $2500. The easier solution is 65mph truck limits.

  4. That open stretch just needs to be like it is in Texas. Hammer Lane 80mph!! Then when it gets close to the cities just drop it back to 65

  5. You're right. They should at least raise the speed limit to 65 (if they can't or will not agree to 75) for all roads, except in major city limits. These politicians have to understand that in today's time, the economy is growing at a fast rate, so it makes sense to make sure traffic is moving as well. Keeping the trucks at 55 is not preventing accidents but creating a problem that leads to "more" accidents. It's common sense, it's just that we have "fools" in office. IMO

  6. Trucks would not be slow if it wasn't for Senators writing stupid laws i.e ( Engine speed limit governors at 63MPH) and getting them approved by the president and then passed by other politicians in congress! And yeah that's right he got that suit because people voted for him and others like him

  7. It sounds like the Senator wants to bring in contracts to California for the construction industry and he would benefit financially from securing that bag for the Union's. Like you said…an easy fix would be to open up the speed limit for truckers…but that's not what he really wants if you ask me. He wants some Union kickbacks ($$$) for his pocket

  8. No disrespect trb, but why the fuck is someone in office in your state so damn ignorant???

  9. I'll agree with you… But no matter how fast they let us go there always Be them 4 wheelers That just can't stand driving behind a big truck.. If we doing 75 they'll do 80 just to get in front of us then slow down to 65…

  10. Its a easy fix, just up the speed limit for trucks. Problem solved. I agree

  11. 1. Raise speed for trucks to 65.
    2. Fix the shitty roads.
    3. Add 1 extra lane for both i5 and 99.
    Problem solved

  12. Why can't they change it like NV… Where we can do what is posted… I just came out of the Colton and came the back way through Mojave to Bakersfield and on that streech I dropped the hammer.

  13. Speakin the truth trb! Cali just needs to get with the program. Running the length of the 5 from LA to OR is just hell. No miles. Be lucky to make it to Redding the same night of you don't get caught in traffic hitting SAC and LA. I'm not paying more taxes for these people to make s*** worse.

  14. I was confused at first but then learned California got restricted speeds for trucks. I didn't know California had restricted speeds. That sucks. They need to let trucks go with the flow of traffic. I would be in jail if I drove there. I got a 96 Pete 379 with 800+ hp that needs to stretch its legs out. It definitely shits and gits that even the GPS lags and can't keep up on the speedo when I stand on it. Lol! By the way, bald is definitely sexy. Looking good.

  15. I wrote my previous comment as you were reading artical and then you almost said what I said lol. Good video. Be safe out there.

  16. It wouldnt take that long if they allowed us to move with traffic, not 55. Increase our speed and then it will only take him 2 minutes

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