Mondays Are Moving Day For San Diego’s Homeless

Mondays Are Moving Day For San Diego’s Homeless

Every Monday morning, police officers and city crews show up in the East Village to move out the hundreds of homeless people living there.  By late afternoon, the homeless are back. KPBS reporter Susan Murphy takes us to downtown San Diego’s tent city.
Mondays Are Moving Day For San Diego’s Homeless

18 thoughts on “Mondays Are Moving Day For San Diego’s Homeless


  2. its not about always finding a job a LOT of the homeless in the us are veterans which is just shameful also the ones who are not veterans are mental disturbed in some way people need to get educated on the homeless instead of just making assumptions

  3. Thank God Obama let in thousands of Muslim to get free housing welfare food stamps free gas electricity rent! It's not We needed those resources! I didn't vote for I was to young but new he was worthless! You know they gave him a Nobel Peace prize! He dropped a million times more ordinance over Afghanistan then Bush did!

  4. That's what every large city in California looks like these days. Your politicians are doing a great job. LOL

  5. I was homeless and one day I said you know what I’ll get a job and try hard and now I run the business and I look back at the people and say yeah they just want a free hand out and really don’t want to better themselves

  6. All these homeless and the US wants to let more people in. Fix your problems within first.

  7. Bringing in thousands off illegal aliens seeking "asylum", that will help the California homelessness crisis. The democrat party, slowly destroying America.

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