Two missing California girls found

Two missing California girls found

Caroline Carrico, 5, and Leia Carrico, 8, were found 1.4 miles south of their home; the sisters are believed to survive due to their outdoor survival training through their 4-H Club.


Two missing California girls found

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  1. these stories are all lies, it to help bring in ,a new law of tracking device on new born babies, so the government now know where u at the whole time! chip, mark of the beast!

  2. Pure case of child neglect. Where were the parents when they wondered off. Could have ended much worse .

  3. It's obvious in this interview Robin ain't buying into the part of the story where the little girl starts a fire in the rain by rubbing two sticks together.

  4. American moms (except Asian) are fat. Too lazy to go walking with her kids. Fat people are the main reason why medical, insurance cost is crazy in U.S. Fat people are the main reason why we now have to pay for baggage fee when we fly.

  5. Did their ' survival' training teach them not to get lost in the first place? Not to mention the common sense not to wander into the woods alone ?

  6. I'm loving how a lot of "holier than thou" commenters on here are better at parenting than two people who are raising their kids to be independent, courageous, intelligent and resourceful. Especially the welfare queen with 10 kids. I mean, Jesus lady, put a plug in your vag already.

  7. this sounds FISHY….Staged…they say WE GO CAMPING IN THIS AREA ALL THE TIME…So how suddenly do you get lost for 2 days….SMH….Or…What parent turns there head for a split second…Doesn't scream for her kids or immediately call 911…SMH….Another SMOLETT

  8. Are these kids reading q cards?

    Not everyone should be parents… wheres child services?

  9. they killed a bear, slit it from asshole to juglar vein, and climbed inside the body cavity to stay warm.

  10. Didn't anyone notice the thumbs down?.. Those can only come from child molesters like
    (Jason Jason)

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