Watch Live: California Wildfires Special | "Scorched Earth"

Watch Live: California Wildfires Special | "Scorched Earth"

CBSN will stream a half-hour special on the wildfires Wednesday night. Elaine Quijano will anchor “Scorched Earth: California Wildfires” at 7 p.m. ET.

California wildfires fast facts:
Firefighters are battling three major wildfires in California. Here’s a breakdown by the numbers as of Wednesday morning, according to Cal Fire and local officials.

Camp Fire
-Location: Butte County
-135,000 acres burned
-35 percent contained
-48 fatalities confirmed, 3 firefighters injured
-8,817 structures destroyed, 7,600 of them homes

Woolsey Fire
-Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
-97,620 acres burned
-47 percent contained
-2 fatalities confirmed, 3 firefighters injured
-435 structures destroyed, 57,000 in danger

Hill Fire
-Location: Ventura County
-4,531 acres burned
-94 percent contained

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Watch Live: California Wildfires Special | "Scorched Earth"

17 thoughts on “Watch Live: California Wildfires Special | "Scorched Earth"

  1. Omg I used to live there
    I also have friends that still live there I hope they are okay

  2. Canada and other countries should come to help out California . Its the right thing to do. We all need to help

  3. That is my question how many people took their animals with them and how many left them behind

  4. year after year , the same story in california with no common sense change, dumb liberal leadership at its best

  5. The president United States is supposed to send the National Guard's out there these are people they need help right now!!! where is the National Guard's they put to set up tent for them.!!!! A cafeteria for food tent for medical AIDS What is the president doing nothing this should have been done weeks ago to help these people what is wrong with you!!!! The National Guard should have been there. The military service always help American people where are they ???!!!!you got a man Donald Trump and he what is he doing. Guards down there putting up wires across the border get the National Guard's out to California and help those people now!!!!!!!

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  7. i was in san diego, love it. love it . but with this man made chaos …? I will remain in below zero freezing temperatures in september in canada and wait for global warming to affect us…soon I hope

  8. Heartbreaking but if you go to the maps now and look at all the damage as of today December 1 2018…, can anyone explain how all these homes were burned with an insane amount of heat that melted metal in these homes…and yet none of the trees surrounding these burnt homes are burned? They are still as green as ever. Check it out for yourself.

  9. Looks like a Nuclear Catastrophey. They ban the Bible, and look what happened.🤔😎

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