Multiple victims reported in Chicago hospital shooting

Multiple victims reported in Chicago hospital shooting

Authorities in Chicago say several people have been wounded in a shooting at Mercy Hospital, including a police officer and a suspect; senior correspondent Mike Tobin reports.

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Multiple victims reported in Chicago hospital shooting

14 thoughts on “Multiple victims reported in Chicago hospital shooting

  1. People who want gun control are so Stupid. They want more gun control to disarm law abridging Citizen and the gun crimes keep going up and they don’t know why. Statistic show that about 10% of population committed 90 % of violent crimes. The ten percent keep moving out of States with less Gun Control into States with more Gun Control because of Occupation Hazard. When the criminals saw there three other guys/gals with guns on their waist they always have second thought.

  2. Some of you sick people are just plain full of hatred and evil. Your sarcasm base on gun laws is NOT the time for a political agenda on gun laws. Let send well wishes to the victims and their families.

  3. still got the doc in my heart. prayers to all her family. she didn't deserve that ending.

  4. The mass shooters are always male (usually white) LOL men are mentally WEAK!!!! ???


  6. The United States law of the land is the constitution, amendments. Carry a weapon. Any law that's under the constitution is null and void, it is repugnant. We have the god given right to protect ourselves, and carry a weapon. The constitution backs thar up. Look at young vs hawaii. It's bound to happen, people just needs to excersie their rights. I would love to open carry my firearm. Yes I can carry guns. I can bring my guns anywhere just know your statutes and limitition.

  7. I still remember that the mayor refused to have the stop and Frisk proposed by Donald Trump, 2 months ago. Now it came back to bite him.

  8. Just another ploy to get cameras in the hospitals.
    Wow look at all the flashing lights there must be over 100 emergency vehicles I don't trust it whose going to get the bad guys with all the cops in one place ?

  9. Hispanic.. Deport them all!!
    Middle Eastern.. terrorist attack!!
    African American.. gang violence!!
    White.. mentally ill.. what do they all have in common???

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