The Damage Done: The Unwanted (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Episode 3

The Damage Done: The Unwanted (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Episode 3

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Overdoses skyrocket in the aftermath of Kensington’s mass evictions. Meantime, Eric emerges from rehab transformed.
The Damage Done: The Unwanted (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Episode 3

16 thoughts on “The Damage Done: The Unwanted (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Episode 3

  1. Omg the guy with the dreads was in such a bad place before. He could barely walk because he has abscesses in his legs and he was covered in scabs and dirt……I cant believe how great he looks now…??. He looks like a new person…?

  2. i like how the black dude he interviewed 2nd used drugs his whole life and now that hes done ,he wants to start snitchin and worrying about whos selling drugs and were ??? fuck outta here

  3. I've seen Mr. Trump taking a lot of measures to defend the USA against its enemy's (building walls, taxing Chinese imports, expelling foreigners, etc.etc.etc.) Now, I'm not American and though I don't agreemen with some of the ways he uses to make politics, I agree with most of his measures. I'd like to know what's his policy regarding public health, specially this one here.

  4. You are a good man, thank you for being out there an helping those people. It was someone just like you that helped me to go to detox an get the help I needed. It wasn't easy, that's for damn sure.. my issue was with other drugs, but I was going through the same kinda hell. I am four months shy of being clean n sober for two years now. Every day is still a battle for me, but I am still moving forward towards my goals of getting my own place. I hope Eric is still doing well, he looked so happy when he got his new smile. God bless an never give up on the street people..

  5. From SE ASIA ? Here in Asia leftists drug dealers flee or they are murdered by our police! You must murder your drug dealers as we do!

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