Uber Driver Shot & CarJacked In San Antonio

Uber Driver Shot & CarJacked In San Antonio

Here’s the link to the article https://www.kens5.com/mobile/article/news/police-looking-for-two-men-who-shot-and-carjacked-rideshare-driver/273-4970bb5f-e0f3-4760-ab23-087315b127a2

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Uber Driver Shot & CarJacked In San Antonio

15 thoughts on “Uber Driver Shot & CarJacked In San Antonio

  1. Always be alert at all times and have dash cams. I hope these videos are helpful and entertaining for everyone. To help support the channel become a Patreon member and/or share and subscribe. For any new drivers who forgot to use a referral code for the new driver bonus/guarantee with uber check this video out on how to apply one. Everyone stay safe and keep getting that money. Uber/Lyft on! https://youtu.be/5Yfmw-VFi6E

  2. This why I switched to DD. There are still risks, but not INSIDE my car. Just not worth it to let jacked up into my car.

  3. Dashcam(unless broadcating online) wouldnt do a thing in this situation since they took the vehicule lol.

  4. They took off in his vehicle. So there might be a dash camera if the bad guys don't steal it.

  5. I had a passenger once comment on a relative bemoaning that they were being judged for life for having been in prison for dealing drugs. Now I can understand if they do rehabilitate and. better themselves but understandably they made the decision that greatly impacted their lives. So we drivers are entitled to be protected from people with known violent criminal records. They’ve proven themselves to be a real threat by having multiple counts. So what if customers can’t use the app until the background check is complete? They want one done on drivers. Quid pro quo.

    Let those with violent records ride public transportation or get a license and car. Drivers owe them nothing. Drivers owe themselves the right to be reasonably safe.

  6. ask people for id before they get in your car or your not going no where hold on to the id keep it on u till the ride is over is good everything's fine give them their ID back when it's over Point their ID towards your camera better enough if you don't have a camera take a picture of them with your cell phone Id or the person I never let anyone in the car unless I take his ID and if he doesn't give me his ID that's how you know you're going to go down and that's bad step on the gas then take off

  7. Im looking for another job "a real job" not this shit this not job this wasting the life for nothing no gain only gain danger and disrespect

  8. Why uber or Lyft take the riders id picture and background check when they make account just like the drivers

  9. Was a Uber driver in San Antonio, he is in critical but stable condition. One guy was wearing a red hoodie and took his car. I drive for Lyft in San Antonio scary as it could have been me.

  10. There are some very sick people in the world. Without conscious. Sociopaths. I'm related to a few. Who knows I might be one. So, if you go through the numbers picking up strangers or being pickup and transported by strangers, sooner or later you will run into someone you wish you hadn't. I'm a 4.94 rated driver with over 6,000 rides over four years. Two death threats, multiple pukers, been in three accidents totalling two vehicles, drive 100,000 a year, kicked numerous nasty people or just plain rude (sometimes stupid) people out, faced a wrong way driver at 70 miles an hour and all this for the pure joy of helping my fellow cheapskates get super cheap rides. I'm on my third rig, I bought a vehicle that qualified for Select rates, three months later they cut the rates. From four years ago when I entered into my first agreement my "partner" has altered that agreement too many times to remember. Seems like every other week now I have to agree to another addendum or I can't drive, it's like having a constant gun to my head. Never once have I ever seen a change in our agreement benefit me. I've lost income with every change regardless of how they sell it. One thing I can say is, they are certainly consistent in their inconsistencies. However, if you are still interested in driving be sure to use Dutin's referral code! Good luck!

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