Kamloops Hospital News Disabled BC Worker Fired

Kamloops Hospital News Disabled BC Worker Fired

Kamloops Hospital News, learn how the Health Authority fired a disabled worker. Hi, this is Armand from http://DenyDisability.ca in this video, you will Discover how the BC Health Authority fired a disabled employee.

If you work for the Kamloops Hospital as an unionized employee, the information in this disabled worker news video will be valuable to you. I was a nurse until permanent disability ended my career.

A Court of last resort known as a Claims Review Committee awarded me disability benefits. The award was considered to be final and binding. My disability plan administrator wrongfully terminated my benefits, and my employer refused to accommodate me back to the workplace and fired me instead.

I ended up going to the Supreme Court in search of fairness and justice. My experience before the Supreme Court taught me disabled workers have no rights in BC because the Labour Relations Board has emasculated the courts and judges are fearful of losing their jobs.

Go to Deny Disability and learn how your workplace unionized employment experience exposes you to possible long term disability corruption and fraud from people in positions of power over you. It happened to me, and you can read about it at Deny Disability.

If the information in this DenyDisability worker news video was valuable to you, please like my video. Leave a comment and tell your friends and loved ones about my disability experience. Help support disability awareness in BC by going to http://DenyDisability.ca and read the disturbing truth for yourself. Everything there was presented before the BC Supreme Court in affidavit form, and the judge said there is no fraud in my petition.

If possible, please support me with a donation so I can recover from my experience with long term disability benefit fraud and corruption. My desire has always been to prevent this abuse from happening to other union workers in BC. To help me recover, my friend Darilynn, started a crowdfunding campaign. Please take a few minutes and read what she has to say, make a donation if you can give me a hand, and take her up on her special offer for you! Go here https://smashfund.com/8416481

For a little more information about my truth project and to donate go here https://smashfund.com/8416481/deny-disability

For my complete story about personal and financial disempowerment by influential people in authority over me while working as an unionized employee in BC, please go to http://DenyDisabilty.ca
Kamloops Hospital News Disabled BC Worker Fired