We Are Toronto – Hope in the 6ix

We Are Toronto – Hope in the 6ix

Lawyer and activist Knia Singh will be featured on this episode of Hope in The 6ix to express his real concerns for the well-being of Toronto. He will discuss from recording music in the studio to becoming a lawyer, being racially profiled to spearheading carding in the city, running for mayor in 2018, and possibly again in 2022.

A word from Singh.

As the city grows and changes we need the mindset to grow and change with it.
We can no longer sit by and watch our streets become unsafe, our children left behind academically, our workforce underappreciated, while our cost of living skyrockets.
It is time for a new approach to city affairs that will put humanity above politics.
We must use our collective expertise and innovation to prevent crime, to create affordable housing, to stimulate business, and to appreciate the wide range of arts and culture this city has to offer.

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Edisa known as Eddy or The Dying Thief, represents second chances based on a bible story of Christ crucifixion. The Dying Thief is his artist name, he is a musician that is not confined to one specific genre of music. Born in Brooklyn NY raised in Jamaica, Queens raised by Jamaican single mom. Eddy changed his lifestyle from a street involved youth and became a police officer after moving down south where he graduated high school and college. Eddy then migrated to Canada and became a youth worker. After identifying music as a way to connect with youth, he got back into music and used it as a bridge to connect with youth. Working with so many youth with criminal records, Eddy decided to create a program called HOPE (Helping Offenders on Probation Excel), with a strong passion to reduce recidivism in Toronto and the GTA. The desire to use the power of social media to bring awareness of people’s efforts to reduce crime. Hope in the 6ix was born. The show will help the community by bringing awareness of the programs and resources that are available to youth with criminal records. This show will also allow youth to use this platforms to tell their stories, resulting in sensitivity among the people that do not know about the effects of poverty and its correlation to crime. We can make a difference if we connect our resources by work together.
We Are Toronto - Hope in the 6ix