Prosecuting Canadian ISIS fighters

Prosecuting Canadian ISIS fighters

Canada has resisted calls to repatriate its citizens who have been detained abroad for fighting with ISIS, saying that it is working with its allies to gather evidence to prosecute extremist fighters.
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Prosecuting Canadian ISIS fighters

15 thoughts on “Prosecuting Canadian ISIS fighters

  1. Those are the future terrorists…. a sophisticated one….better equipped and prepared….
    Let them in and enjoy the ride….

  2. Make a international tribunal and see it like a R.I.C.O case. We still hunt down former SS guards and the same should be done with isis members. Hundreds of isis fighters have returned to Europe and walk around as free persons. Crazy.

  3. Canadian government regime corruption, ISIS has more rights then true Canadians, disgusting. Assad defeated these killers that destroyed his country. Evil demons are real and they live in Canada, thank Harper for aiding and arming these terrorists like Obama did to start the war in Syria. Axis of evil US, Israel, UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia, the true threat to the world

  4. Prosecute them? More like give them citizenship and have them join the Liberal Party. Canada is a Joke. If the Caliphate is looking for a new home after their defeat in Syria and Iraq, they should think about Canada. They have no armed forces at all. CSIS and the RCMP couldn't find sand in the desert.

  5. Trudeau is a school teacher, a soyboy, limp wristed feminist, and Canadians voted for that fool, well dumbasses how you feel now?

  6. TRUDEAU is not struggling about this at all! He simply will not prosecute at all !! There are ISIS people tormenting YAZIDI Victims in Toronto & still THE GOVERNMENT Provincial & Federal REFUSE to do anything??

  7. Time for the Isis fighter to return to their country of origin. Rebuild their infrastructure, employment is good for the soul. Make their country ready for their peoples return. All single Muslim men can also return to their country of origin.

  8. send them to pakistan, the native home of terrerist. killed their own pilot shazajuddin, who was flying f16 on 28 feb 2019

  9. Bringing them back to Canada puts Canadians at risk.

    Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights does allow us to defend ourselves, but against trained, and experienced men, we need more than that.

    Any Canadian who fought for any extremist group, does not belong in Canada. They belong in the ground.

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