U.S., Canada condemn China's 'arbitrary detention' of Canadians | Power & Politics

U.S., Canada condemn China's 'arbitrary detention' of Canadians | Power & Politics

The United States has joined Canada in condemning the detention of two Canadians in China. A growing number of Canada’s allies is calling for the release of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.
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U.S., Canada condemn China's 'arbitrary detention' of Canadians | Power & Politics

18 thoughts on “U.S., Canada condemn China's 'arbitrary detention' of Canadians | Power & Politics

  1. Well..Canada…you asked for it… now you have to ask US to help you to get China to release your citizen…hope you learn your lesson

  2. Canada is a lackey of the USA and please don't tell us that the detention of Sabrina Meng is legit and not purely political in nature! Hypocrisy and double standards!

  3. Canadians now know we were screwed over by the us. Just doing US dirty political work. What a shame, Trudeau blew it. Come on, Canadians, admit it, we did wrong kidnapping this lady.

  4. So China can't arrest Canadian in China committing crime because Canadian sacred. LOL What a bad message to send to Canadian. Now any Canadian pedophile, criminal can claim that Chinese detentions is politics and not crimes. I always knew Westerner are hypocrisy and a bunch of liars. They lied about Iraq, they lied about Libya, they lied about Syria and where does the lying stop.

  5. china is one of the largest suppliers of drug ingredients to make fentanyl and other drugs that are killing people all over the world .the ones making the drugs aren't going to jale .just a token few .the ccp is allowing this to happen by plan or looking the other way.

  6. Even if HUAWEI CFO Ms Meng broke the law of USA, she can be only detained by USA or by China on request of USA. It is business between China and USA, not Canada.

  7. Canada should try peace with China if it doesnt work, play political games diplomatically but peacefully

  8. Canada must be quite good at yoga: bending over for US screw over and bending the rules and standards in its own favor. Namaste

  9. Canada can ask the whole to help, but non will care about your Stupidity.

    Rule of laws and release immediately, no kidding.
    How about kidnapping someone from the airport who did not violate any Canadian Laws ?

  10. Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand all formerly a British colonies.. There is one significant identity non of this lands doesn't belong to them which make them stay rooted together till today…. Many centuries ago the British jail were overcrowded and the British government had no choice but to send their hard core convicts to work as hard Labour in the new found land… Imagine a country with many hardcore criminals that show they all have in common DNA that's a bully in them which the British during their powerful empire then fighting wars and occupied lands and robbing the local resources.

  11. For generations, Canada has been associated with diplomacy. Not anymore. Canada has meddled into the affairs of India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and now China. Not satisfied with a failure of leadership at home, Trudeau has become a ludicrous figure in the eyes of the entire world.

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