On the frontline of Mexico's drug war

On the frontline of Mexico's drug war

Mexico’s official murder rate last year was nearly 30,000 people. The worst year since the government started counting bodies 20 years ago.

It is widely assumed that this is almost entirely caused by the drug wars raging between the country’s Narco Cartels and the government.

Murdering business or political opponents is taking over from legal action and the ballot box.

We travelled to one of the worst hit areas in Mexico, the formerly glamorous playground of the wealthy, Acapulco, to see what is happening to society and why it has become so violent.

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On the frontline of Mexico's drug war

17 thoughts on “On the frontline of Mexico's drug war

  1. They wanna make USA just like this if we let them they will build the wall and what ever else needs to be done to keep it out.

  2. Governement, city,state, federal police work for cartels. Money makes everyone comply. If that doesnt work they pick them up and murder them. They know when someone is talking to police. They know what everyone is doing.

  3. Los estatales son los mas corruptos son los que mueven la droga e las armas a los delinquents.

  4. Because of shitholes like this, people are building bunkers. The world can not keep functioning while this exists. People who support these regimes are the tourists who visit, governments should ban all travel to these countries

  5. This war began exactly with the civil wars in the Middle East from Syria and the escalation of the Afghanistan-Iraq war. I wonder why.

  6. This all leads back to the breakdown of the Sinaloa cartel. When the Sinaloa cartel ruled there was very little violence because all cartels joined together for the better.
    When Americans decided to break up the Sinaloa cartel all hell broke loose.
    Ironically the violence is directly related to US anti drug policy.
    Both countries became more violent as a result of their policy.

  7. I blame the Mexican government. If the Mexican government wasn’t so corrupt and provided jobs for their people this wouldn’t happend

  8. These idiots have turned Acapulco into a killing field???? instead of making money from the tourist they made it to a dead zone SMH

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